learning to love…guacamole

I7338661312_63d3beb6dd_z‘ve made no secret about the fact that I find truly picky (adult) eaters pretty annoying. Having a few dislikes is normal for anyone, but picky eating has always seemed to me to be a symptom of a larger lack of adventurousness or total control-freakery, and it just gets on my nerves. I’m even annoyed by my own dislikes. Blueberries, mushrooms, and avocado have long topped my list of dislikes, and I’ve often wished I could just *like* these things. I make it a habit to try things I think I dislike on a regular basis, just to see if maybe I was wrong and I really try to like them. I’ve learned to like mushrooms in most things, as long as they aren’t the main focus of a dish, but I still don’t like blueberries in anything except pancakes (yes, this is different than in muffins, and no, I will not eat a blueberry muffin, no thanks). Thank God my temporary postpartum dislike of coffee disappeared after a couple of months.

The weirdest thing has happened with avocado. My husband LOVES it, and I’ve just never been a fan. I’d eat it in sushi, where it was more of a creamy element than an actual flavor, but pretty much any other preparation just didn’t taste good to me. Still, since my husband was such a fan, and since I do most of the cooking in our house, I often found myself making guacamole. I’d quiz him each time, wanting to know if it needed more cilantro or more salt or whatever, since I couldn’t just taste it and know if it was good or not, because it would always taste like yuck to me. Still, from time to time, I’d dip in a chip and give it a shot, just to confirm that I still hadn’t learned to love the guac. Which is what I did this week when…I loved it.

I think I’ve had guacamole three times since then. I may be getting kind of obsessed. It works out great that avocados have been 99 cents apiece at my local grocery store. And I just picked up 5 more. I am kind of afraid I’ll start hating it again if I don’t keep eating it while avocados are on sale! I guess this means there’s still hope for blueberry muffins and mushroom sandwiches. Maybe even beer! (Yes, I hate beer no matter how many times I’ve tried it. Yes, my husband is a home brewer. Sure would be nice to be able to give him feedback on his brews beyond “tastes like beer!”)

So, are you a picky eater? Have you ever had your feelings about a food change drastically? Do you periodically try foods you don’t like, just to see if you’ve changed your mind? Am I completely weird? (Don’t answer that last one.)

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  1. I used to be sooo picky, but it’s like you said, the more you try something there’s that chance your taste buds will adapt. I used to be funny about avocados as well and peppers, and now I’m obsessed! Funny how that goes. -Alicia


  2. I’m pretty similar to you. I love trying new foods and I don’t like disliking something. Sushi is one I’ve always wanted to like but just couldn’t tolerate it. I finally like it! In fact, I sorta love it. It took me several years and 5+ attempts. I also don’t like avocados…. But I suspect an allergy bc of an itchy mouth and tummy ache whenever I’ve tried it.i might try guac again though.


  3. I like everything. Even things I don’t love, I tolerate, for reasons similar to yours for trying things. Sweets are my only holdout; I used to loath almost every sweet thing from chocolate to cheesecake to caramel– now I selectively tolerate some, since pregnancy boosted my sweet tooth last year. The key, I think, is being a gracious dinner guest or host. I can deal with people not liking foods, but being outspoken about it or dictating the menu annoys the bejeezus out of me.


  4. I’ve also learned to like avocados. Moving out west where they were much cheaper has helped the process along :) My husband and kids like them, so I buy a lot. My youngest loves to make guacamole.
    I’m fortunate to have kids that are pretty good and adventurous eaters. I would have a hard time with a super picky eater, but I think some people maybe really can’t help being that way, perhaps it is a sensory issue or something that isn’t easily fixed. There are probably many factors that are involved in what makes some kids good eaters and some kids the opposite.


  5. I am so happy you have finally come to love avocados! I feel like life would be missing a crucial element if they were not a part of it, especially made into a guacamole and paired with tortilla chips!! I have not been a picky eater since my adult life took over but last month I ordered a seafood omelet and realized it had calamari in it–the entire thing, head with tentacles attached. I couldn’t bring myself to eat it no matter how hard I tried. I asked my two year old if she wanted to eat some octopus and she agreed! She ate two of them and told me they were good. I still couldn’t do it and accepted the fact my daughter was more open minded than myself. :-)


  6. Avocados are weird. Personally I love them – in guacamole and on their own and however – but they have such a neutral flavor that it’s a bit strange, I guess.

    I’ve blogged about reforming my own picky eater tendencies. Now I’ll eat sushi, but still shy away from cooked seafood. It’s mostly a smell thing. My nose is so sensitive. If I catch the faintest whiff of fishiness, I’m DONE.

    I’m with you on mushrooms (I’ll eat them but don’t want to think about them) but blueberries are one of my favorites.

    I used to be absolutely opposed to onions. If I could see onions in food, I wouldn’t eat. Now I love raw chopped onion on, say, tacos, but still sometimes pick cooked onions out of food (if I’m alone). Old habits…


  7. I can think of two: mushrooms and sashimi.

    I grew up loathing mushrooms, but then . . . at the grocery store one day, I had to buy them. Now I find certain dishes far less pleasing without them. Sometimes I eat them solo.

    The thought of sashimi grossed me out before I lived in Japan. Then, suddenly, I’d find myself sitting in my apartment thinking, “I need sashimi now.” I don’t eat it much now, but I am still fond(er) of it.


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