my babies robbed me

They don’t always sleep this peacefully. Mama could use some caffeine. (photo by the amazingly talented Christen Byrd, whom you should let shoot you sometime!)

My babies are adorable. They’re also thieves.

And I’m not talking about my belly button, though that still hasn’t come back, and I’m afraid it never will. Once it popped, it just can’t stop?

No, I’m talking about coffee.

I LOVED coffee. At one point in college I had a four cup per day habit, but had recently cut back to one beloved cup each morning. Fair trade CSA coffee, brewed in a French press, no less. For most of my pregnancy, I continued to have my one cup of coffee per day. It was a ritual I continued to enjoy, and clung to perhaps more tightly since I was deprived an evening glass of wine.

Then, sometime in the 3rd trimester, when I was the size of a house, something weird happened. Coffee no longer tasted good to me. I’d make a cup, thinking maybe something was just off the day before, have a few sips, and then find myself unable to drink anymore.

Now, promptly upon delivery, my heartburn, which had reared its ugly head after such foods as say, a glass of water, disappeared. My bladder was suddenly able to hold more than a teaspoon of liquid. But my taste for coffee has yet to return. And you know what that means?

I am enduring newborns, without caffeine.

Heaven help us all.


The above photo is from our newborn photoshoot, which I will write all about very soon. In the meantime, you can see more photos on the website of our amazing photographer and friend, Christen Byrd, whom we highly recommend.

11 Replies to “my babies robbed me”

  1. My heart goes out to you. Coffee is the only way I’m getting through this, and I only have one baby. Are you breastfeeding? Because if you aren’t then at least you can drink alcohol ;)


  2. That picture of your girls is just beautiful. I’m a bit older than you and last year when I gave up caffeine, miraculously, my hot flashes went away. I have a feeling you would feel exhausted even if you were still on caffeine. Hang in there.


  3. Try a mochacinno first? Hot chocolate? It’s hard to get over the psychological damage from bad reflux or morning sickness. I’m never going to be able to look at Palak Paneer the same way again… but coffee, that would be a huge tragedy!!!


  4. Oh dear heavens, what would I ever do without coffee?! I certainly feel for you, girl. No coffee + no sleep = no fun!I sure hope that this will remedy itself soon for you. Your babies are beyond beautiful, by the way. :)


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