an english major meets kids’ tv

Hi. I’m an English major. I can write you at least five paragraphs analyzing ANYTHING. This makes it somewhat problematic to enjoy normal things. Like kids’ TV.

This morning, tired of Elmo and Curious George, I turned on Clifford. You might remember from childhood that it’s the story of a little girl and her bff, a Big Red Dog who’s basically the size of a house.

What I didn’t remember was that it’s basically a cautionary tale: family adopts shelter pup, no idea what they’re getting into,  it gets bigger than expected, and they end up losing their home, having to leave the city they love, and wind up living on an island.

But then, I think to myself, NO! Clifford is like a perfect analogy to our fetal diagnosis experience: you think you’re just having a baby, and then something big comes out of nowhere and changes the whole experience. You might have to reconsider your living space, you may have to make some life changes, but ultimately you and your unexpected addition are very happy together in a new kind of normal.

Or maybe it’s just a kid show about a giant red dog. Yeah. It could be that.

3 Replies to “an english major meets kids’ tv”

  1. I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who over-analyzes T.V.

    I can’t enjoy any simple show because I’m always thinking “That could never happen.” “Yeah, right, a real person would NEVER do that, say that, think that.” Well… of course those things would never happen in real life, that’s why they call it T.V.! lol


  2. So I think both interpretations of Clifford are valid, and are totally reasonable ways to show your daughters how people can look at the world and challenging/unusual situations. I always gave that show a lot of credit because I love the character so much–when I was in sixth grade, my mom was in charge of the book fair and Scholastic sent a Clifford costume so not only was I able play him at school, we snuck the costume out to cheer up my piano teacher’s daughter who was battling cancer at the time, which was so much fun to do.


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