before and after: vintage patio set

This summer, I saw this refinished vintage glider on Shelterrific and immediately knew what I wanted for the empty end of our front porch:

The only problem was, I wasn’t willing to shell out hundreds to thousands of dollars for a refinished vintage glider. So I knew I’d need to find one I could refinish myself– and I’d just finished fixing up and repainting a wooden table and chairs I’d found by the side of the road, so I was inspired.

A little bit later, I found the following rusted-out glider with a matching chair on Craigslist, $300 for the pair.

I convinced Jon they could be our anniversary present to each other.

Then, in August, I found out that our real anniversary present to each other was BABIES. So stripping and spray painting was no longer on the allowable list for me. Thus Jon inherited what was supposed to be my project. He sanded and stripped and took apart and repainted and replaced hardware, and generally worked very very hard to execute my vision for the glider and chair. And THIS, this beauty you see right here, is what he achieved:

If you need me, I’ll be on the front porch.

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  1. We have rockers on our front porch…Grace Ann LOVED to be outside rocking much of her infancy. Some days it was the only thing we could do to put her to sleep or keep her from crying. You will definitely get some use out of these lovely pieces! Great job Jon! And great vision Sarah!


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