i sewed my first dress!

About six months ago, I said to Jon while walking through Hobby Lobby, “I wish I could sew cute dresses.” I started sewing in June, and let me just say: CUTE DRESS ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!

Because I’m still a beginner at sewing, I knew I needed to stick with cheap, solid fabric for my first dress attempt. No worrying about matching up prints or stripes, and no sorrow if I somehow botched it beyond repair. I was inspired by this yellow dress worn by Leelee Sobieski (source):

And also by this image I found on Pinterest, which I’m pretty sure is from  J.Crew catalog (source):

So I picked up Vogue 8723 and decided to tackle my first dress in yellow cotton.

I was a little nervous, as the dress would require me to sew my first ever darts, but I tackled them and they weren’t nearly as intimidating as I expected. It’s fully lined and features pockets and a back zip. I finished all my seams with french seams, so it’s nicely constructed. Jon helped me pin and fit my bodice, which was crucial– though I made the size indicated by my measurements, I probably ended up taking the bodice in by about 2 inches, mostly from the sides and back. Getting the shoulder straps right was also tricky, as I have scoliosis, which makes my shoulders crooked. You’ll probably notice that the straps don’t look symmetrical, but there’s no gaping in the back, which is what I was more worried about. All in all, I’m really proud!

I just might wear this dress every day, I’m so proud of it. And I think Tinycat approves:

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  1. nicely done! I’m especially impressed that it’s fully lined. Darts I can do–lining? not so much. Very cute and well crafted!


  2. I’m so impressed! Sewing actual clothing is so far beyond my skill level you might as well have just achieved cold nuclear fusion. It looks great!


  3. Aww, Tinycat’s getting big!

    VERY well done!!! For some reason I’m totally intimidated by patterns… I’ve done a lot of altering, but very little from scratch. Very envious right now! ;)


  4. You only started sewing in JUNE?! That’s really impressive and might just inspire me to try to learn to sew sometime soon :)

    P.S. Cute dress!


  5. I’m so jealous, I’ve had my sewing machine for almost two years now and the only thing I have to show for myself is a few pillow covers! Beautiful!


  6. Congratulations! Your dress is gorgeous – the shape is lovely and that colour of yellow looks fab on you. I’ve been putting off starting my first dress as I’m finding the thought of it pretty intimidating – and the one I’m planning won’t even be lined. Lining and pockets in a first go is pretty impressive. You’ve spurred me on to get started on mine now!


  7. It’s so adorable! I’ve been sewing for a few years now and have hit a major plateau; I still haven’t gotten the nerve (or patience) to try a dress. You’ve inspired me!!


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