now we’re 5

Because we were in Costa Rica for our anniversary, I didn’t get to do a post like I usually do on July 29th commemorating 5 years of marriage to Jon. But, we got to be in Costa Rica for our anniversary, so that’s pretty awesome. We constantly talk about the kind of life we want together “someday” when he’s finally done with medical training and I’m finally done with school, and in looking at the kind of goals we set for ourselves: simple living, being generous with others, living in a way that is good to the environment, we’ve realized that the people we were 5 years ago wouldn’t be having these sorts of dreams for the future. We’ve changed a lot in our time together, which I guess is to be expected when I met my true love at the age of 18 and got married at the ripe old age of 21 (Jon’s 5 years older). I think we’ve both changed each other for the better, and I’m sure there’s lots of change still ahead of us. I’m sure glad we can keep growing together, forever. I know I can face anything as long as I’ve got my best friend by my side.

On a bench in a park in downtown San Jose. Everywhere we looked, couples were making out in public. That's not quite our style, so this was our contribution.


Ignoring the cheesy images, here’s a song to dedicate to the one I love, “Loving a Person” by Sara Groves, a favorite of mine:

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  1. Happy anniversary. What a beautiful song, and beautiful testimony. My husand and I will celebrate 11 years this November (I was 20 when we got married). I can honestly say that he makes me better . . . but I think that’s how God intended it. Cheers to another 50 years!


  2. Aww, you guys are cute. :D We just celebrated 8 years… wow, time flies! Kevin is also 5 years older than I am, and we also met when I was 18… though we got married when I was 19! Wouldn’t recommend that for everyone (my mom freaked out!) but it’s worked for us! God definitely knew what He was doing when He got us together! ;)


  3. Congratulations! Time goes so fast, I’ve been married to my hubby for two years in September, but it feels like a few months sometimes- and we’re expecting a baby in February! Hope you continue to grow and develop together :)


  4. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Buffalo! My wife, Shea, and I will celebrate 18 years next month. I thought I loved her the day we got married, but looking back on the better part of two decades I didn’t have a clue how wonderful she was back then. Here’s to you and Jon discovering a lifetime of unfolding adventure and continuously growing love, affection and respect.


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