Brief moment of fame in the home decor blogosphere: one of my comments got shouted out over at shelterrific in their weekly wrap-up post “Five Things We Learned Last Week“.  They had posted a bit about cable television and who has it, and as we all know, we recently ditched cable and despite my fears, I’m much happier for it.  My brief shoutout:

Lots of you don’t have cable. It came as a surprise that most of the commenters on the Do you have cable tv? post said no, you don’t. Erniebufflo says that, after cutting out cable: “I’m more content because I don’t want as much STUFF because I’m exposed to a lot less advertising.” Several expressed an idea that we could get behind — if we could just pick and choose one or two channels to buy, instead of a huge package of channels we don’t need, we would. Are you listening, cable companies?

It gave me warm fuzzies. If you’re into home decor/gardening/DIY, shelterrific is a great site.  Some others I love include apartmenttherapy, design*sponge, decorno, and badder homes and gardens.

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  1. i tried to post on your blog and that went well. my witty comment is now too lame for me to re type for a 4th time… but just know that it was a gem :)


    1. It worked fine– I just have moderation enabled so I have to approve comments before they show up!


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