not quite what i expected

These are the shoes I was wearing.
These are the shoes I was wearing.

I’ve blogged fairly extensively about my less-than-stellar experiences on and waiting for the bus.  I’ve been harassed, stared at, honked at, and whistled at, and made uncomfortable.  I’ve been chatted up by mentally ill homeless people and stuck sitting next to smelly guys day after day.  I’ve even been given a phone number by a man who apparently found the back of my head alluring, as he’d been sitting behind me the entire ride.  But I think I may have just had my strangest experience thus far.

I was standing at my stop, sweating in the full sun and trying to keep the wind generated by cars whizzing by from blowing my skirt up, wondering if I should just get out the umbrella to give myself some shade.  That’s when a car with two typical South Carolina preppy, fraternity types stopped at the light nearby.  When one rolled down his window, I was expecting more bus stop lewd/rudeness.

But instead I heard:

Hey! I like your shoes!

I was so taken aback all I could say was, “Thanks!”

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    1. Thanks! For a $6 steal from Old Navy, they’ve gotten a TON of use. Luckily I knew it was a great deal at the time and bought them in two colors.


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