this is just to say

This is just a quick post to say there might not be any posts for a while.  Saturday is move day, and it might be a while after we get settled in before I can resume posting.  Please think happy thoughts and send up prayers for a smooth move, if you’re so inclined.

As a random bonus, I totally got this post’s title off a poem by William Carlos Williams:

This Is Just To Say

by William Carlos Williams
I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox

and which
you were probably
for breakfast

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold

today’s post is somewhere else

Through Twitter I’ve come in contact with Ryan Byrd, the pastor of a new church in Little Rock called Eikon.  I’ve been reading Ryan’s blog and the posts on Eikon’s website, and getting pretty excited about the kind of community they are and the things they are up to, thinking they’re the kind of group I might like to be a part of after we move to Little Rock.  Anyway, all these internet connections have led to me having a post up on their site as part of a new blog series called CityView.  So, go check out my post, about how my faith makes me an environmentalist and a foodie!

i’m hunting for unicorns

There’s not going to be a new blog post today, and posting might be spotty for the next few days (there will be a CSA update tomorrow) because I’m hunting a rare beast: a house in Little Rock to rent, within 5 miles of Arkansas Children’s Hospital, that allows me to live there with my 2 large mutts and has a fenced-in yard. I’m starting to fear we’re going to end up living in a tent. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming…

…for a quick announcement: there’s not gonna be a new blog post today. Yesterday, I wrote my brains out. You see, I’ve been taking a grad class on the Harlem Renaissance and the Black Arts Movement, and I was just SURE that my final paper was due next Monday. I’d done most of the reading, but hadn’t written a lick since I turned in my 3-page precis a few weeks ago. Usually, most of my writing process takes place in my head, as I’m doing the research, and I just sit down to write and pour it all out, so I knew a week would be plenty of time to turn out a good paper.  If there’s anything my undergrad degrees in English and political science taught me, it’s that I can write 3-4 pages per hour, no problem.

But then I showed up to our last class yesterday and realized papers were due. WHAT?! I knew I had to get home and get writing and try to get the darn thing done that day. And I did it. I wrote the fastest paper I’ve ever written: 15 pages in 5 hours. It’s not a masterpiece of fine editing, but it’s a paper incorporating Lacanian psychology, geo-physical theory, and theology to analyze Nella Larsen’s Harlem Renaissance novel Quicksand.  I got it emailed to my prof by 7:00 pm, and sincerely apologized for not having it ready to turn in during class. I have no idea if this will mean points off my grade, but I guess the beauty of being a non-degree student is my world won’t be crushed if I don’t make an A.

So, I used up my words yesterday, and I just used up more telling you why these words in this space aren’t more interesting. See ya tomorrow.

new look

If you’re not reading this in a reader, you might notice that the adventures of ernie bufflo has a new look! Much as I love actual buffalo, I decided I wanted something more fun, girly, and colorful. So I have decided that my ernie bufflo alter ego is a cowgirl.  Whaddaya think?

Edited: So. Before today, I had never heard of The Pioneer Woman, which is apparently shocking because she’s apparently famous. As a result, after I Google Image Searched “vintage cowgirl” upon having my cowgirl idea this morning, I found the image I was using as a header on a site that collects vintage cowgirl pinups. I thought it was adorable, it reminded me of a vintage cowgirl wallet I rocked in high school, I went with it.  Turns out I was jacking The Pioneer Woman’s steez (which, I apparently do all the time, as in my CSA cooking days, I joke about being a pioneer).  Now that I have been alerted, I have selected a different vintage cowgirl. I hope this prevents it from looking like I’m copying her on purpose.  That said, her blog seems wonderful, and I’ll be reading it from here on out.

on budgeting

Image via Flickr user get directly down, under a Creative Commons license.

Last night, Jon and I went to the liquor store to restock on wine.  As we were leaving with 5 bottles, we had the following exchange.

Jon: Now we have no money to eat.

Me: At least we have our priorities straight!

(Tip: I’m obsessed with Mendoza Station Argentinian Malbec lately. It’s $6 a bottle at my liquor store, but it tastes way more expensive than that. Check it out!)

overheard at my office

I’m lucky to work for an awesome studio art department, and as a result, have lots of cool events I could go to on a regular basis.  This weekend, a student/faculty show is opening at a local gallery/studio space AND the on-campus gallery is opening a show of photographs from war zones in Rwanda and Uganda.  I’m hoping to find someone to go to these openings with me, since Jon’s working nights (SUCK).  I just had this conversation with a coworker.

Him: You coming to the student/faculty opening tomorrow night?

Me: If I can find a friend to go with me! My husband’s working.

Him: Come with us, we’re friends, right?

Me: Sure! Are you going to the Halsey opening too?

Him: Well, it looks kind of depressing. You might need a hug after, and I’m not sure we’re THAT good of friends.