stranger than fiction

Image via Twin Roses Designs, click image if you want to buy a Grim Reaper robe for yourself.

My medical-resident husband is always saying that “Scrubs” is the most accurate medical show. Sometimes reality seems determined to prove his point.

He’s working in an intensive care unit this rotation, and was on call Friday night. There was one patient whom everyone was sure wasn’t going to make it much longer. On Saturday moring, as my sleep-deprived hubby made rounds, he came out of one patient’s room to see a dark hooded, robed figure standing outside the room of that unlikely-to-make-it patient. Thinking for a brief moment that he saw Death Himself, my husband thought, “He’s come!”

But it turns out it was just a pharmacist, dressed like a vampire for Halloween.

Costume choice for intensive care unit: FAIL.

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  1. Really Now?Crazy people. Where’s the common sense.
    My Dr. took out my gallbladder Wed. and told Blake and my mom I could run a 5K and eat whatever I want. I’m not so secretly wishing gallbladder surgery on that man very soon.


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