poor pitiful me

I have a cold, lovingly brought home to me by my pediatrician husband who spends his days with germy children and thought I needed a dose of their cooties, and I’m feeling pretty awful.  I only have to make it through one more day of work, though, so I’m hoping to stick it out. I’ve saved up 8 vacation days to tack on to the beginning of my already long (yay for being underpaid and working in academia!) Christmas break, and we’re headed out of town tomorrow evening.  All of this together means: posting will be extremely spotty until January or so. I hope you all stay healthy and happy and have a lovely holiday.

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  1. feel better! I am trying to fight off a bug as well. I stayed home today, I think I had a fever last night. Yesterday the high here was 18 and every time I stepped outside my nose started running and I started sneezing my head off. So I’m staying in and drinking fluids today, the flu is spreading like crazy.


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