wood, smugness, and duct tape


Have you seen this hilarious Craigslist post for those “Little Wheelybug” scooters? It cracked me up.

It read:

Do you dream of your perfect European child scooting across your hardwood floors, waving “hullo mama!” as you relax in your Pøang chair?

Then this is the bullshit European baby scooter made of wood and smugness for you.

Our child, a failure in our eyes, did not like it. She looked great posing on it though. So it’s perfect for posting #Instabrags to Fritter™.

It was hilarious to me because it hit awfully close to home.

I am notorious amongst family and friends for not allowing “plastic Walmart deathmobiles” in my house, and may be slightly snobbish in my preference for designy wooden non-noise-making toys. In fact, I have one of those wheelybug things. This one is ours:


Am I less smug if I got it for $20 at a consignment sale and had to cover it in duct tape because the vinyl seat was flaking?

Here’s the thing: yes, on the one hand, I can laugh at the pre-baby me who pinned tons of hipstery wooden toys for my surely Montessori offspring. And I’ve mostly succeeded in filling our home with stuff that I don’t aesthetically hate that doesn’t drive me off the deep end. But I also laugh at that part of myself a little, because damn if these kids don’t also love Fisher Price Little People and their Little Tikes plastic rocking horse and these darn midi-file-playing fake plastic cell phones my mom literally smuggled into our home.

Parenting: it teaches you a sense of humor about yourselves and your high ideals, aesthetic or philosophical, in a hurry.


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