lovin’ spoonful: the bufflogals meet solid food

Recently, our doctor told us it was time to start feeding the gals some rice cereal, to let them practice eating from a spoon and start them off on a solid least-likely to cause an allergic reaction (food allergies may be an issue with Claire’s spina bifida). Claire, who is already our happiest eater when it comes to bottles, took to the rice cereal immediately. Etta seemed to think we had devised a fun new way to kill her. The results were pretty funny:

“What do you think that stuff is for?” “I dunno, man.”

I think she’s looking rather Most Interesting Man In The World here. “I don’t always eat solid food, but when I do, it’s rice cereal.”

And for my friend Stacy who said Etta needed to be a meme:

Major side-eye here.



2 Replies to “lovin’ spoonful: the bufflogals meet solid food”

  1. These girls always light up my morning!! So freakin’ comical!! And it’s like one tries to comfort the other when they’re having a “moment”!! You will look back and think, “How did I ever think I had a life before them??” I can’t wait for the next episode of “Etta & Claire”!!! LOL!!
    Have a blessed day!!


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