looking for mcdreamy?

Last night I was looking over my blog stats on the Lapple, sitting next to Jon on the couch.

“At least five people every day find my blog by searching McDreamy because of that post I wrote about you.”

“How disappointing for them to be looking for McDreamy and finding me instead!”

“Well, they at least get a picture of the real McDreamy.  I’m keeping you all to myself!”

So, here’s another pic for all you searchers somehow winding up here!

your google is as good as mine

This is just a quickie to note two hilarious search terms that led people to this humble wee blog.

You lookin for me?
You lookin for me?


webbed toes

Perhaps related to a post in which I mentioned my dog Bessie has webbed toes. I wonder if this was someone who has webbed toes and was looking for support? Or perhaps, as Bill O’Reilly and Pat Robertson fear, this person is attracted to webbed toes?


woman my eye!

I have no idea what this means, or how this phrase, complete with exclamation point, led someone here. You?

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