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let's get it onValentine’s Day is coming up, and I wanted to share what has become one of my favorite traditions. In need of both art for my bedroom wall and occasional cards for my husband, a few years ago, I started buying him fun handmade cards that, after exchanged and read, can be framed and hung up on our wall. Sometimes I make the cards/art myself, other times I buy from Etsy, but over time, many of these cards have become part of a gallery wall in our bedroom. One in particular that says “Let’s Get it On (I’ll just brush my teeth)” (by Linocut Boy, no longer available) hangs in our bathroom– I thought it was a funny joke on long-married romance. I like that these little pieces of our love story get to hang around and add beauty and sweetness to our days long after the holiday that necessitated their purchase.

In case you, too, are interested in frame-worthy Valentines, I decided to round up a few here. If you click each image, you will be taken to the card’s listing on Etsy, and each shop name is also a handy link to the shop itself.

by larkpress.
by echoletterpress.
by larkpress.

by fishcakedesign.
by nanepress.
by Sweet Peony Press .
by Darling Press & Stationers
by Pepper Press.
by Dahlia Press.
by Humunuku Shoppe.
by Printerette Press.
by Shed Letterpress.
by Letter & Lark.
If you decide not to frame this one, you can plant it and grow actual wildflowers! by Lovewild Design.
by Little Low.

And if you want to get literary:

by Literary Emporium.
by Emily Rose Ink.
by Literary Emporium.
by Hitchcock Creative.

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