i ain’t afraid of no ghost

This weekend, our television and Xbox both went on the fritz at the same time. I complained to my sister, and after inquiring whether they were on a surge protector (they were), she said, “Then the only explanation is ghosts.”

Now, I’m pretty sure I don’t believe in ghosts, but I have to admit that with our house’s history, ghosts are a possibility. This is our house:


As you can see, it’s a classic 60s ranch. The thing is, we live on a street and in a neighborhood in which all the other houses were built in the 1920s. It’s one reason I love our neighborhood and one reason I initially resisted buying this house– I love 1920s charm. Give me a Craftsman or Spanish Revival or Tudor any day. And yet, smack in the middle of all of these charming old homes is our midcentury modern house. It works out great for living with a child with a disability, because our home is open and all on one level, and so we bought it and have come to love it. Shortly after we moved in, a beloved college professor of ours told me that the reason our house was built in the 60s must be the plane explosion, which he remembered from his time growing up here.

Cue record scratch. Plane explosion?

A little Googling turned up the truth: in 1960, a plane from the nearby Air Force base exploded over the city. A large chunk of the plane landed on the house at our address, starting a fire and destroying the home, killing the woman inside in her bed. The bodies of two of the crewmen were also found on the property.

I guess after that, a new house was built in the architectural style that was popular at the time.

Given this crazy history, I guess it’s possible that the ghosts of that 62 year old woman and the two crewmen are hanging out and sending electronics on the fritz. But I hope not. I hope they’re at peace, wherever they are.

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  1. Wow! What a house history…
    For me, growing up, there was a house that a plane crashed into (three blocks from mine) so your story really caught my attention.

    There are bundles of sage called smudge sticks that you can burn to make peace with ghosts. If you don’t believe in them completely, the ritual gives a certain psychological peace of mind or at the very least a “what can it hurt?” I had a college dorm room where the resident before I took the room committed suicide. It felt like she was still there and I had trouble sleeping. My college chum’s mom gave me a smudge stick which took care of the “energy”. You just burn it and and say “it’s okay to rest now. Peace.” Or something to that effect.

    I only just discovered your blog and really love your attitude and writing. ( Kid President was truly inspiring too. I just had to forward it!) Thanks for sharing what you do with the world.


  2. I think you have a better case for a possibly haunted house than I do, so broken electronics makes total sense. The guy who built my house 101 years ago ran a funeral home in town. It’s actually still there, just a short walk away, but the building is MUCH newer than 100 years so we suspect they might have used this house – at least sometimes. It’s not as crazy dramatic as a plane falling out of the sky but I’ll take it.


  3. Now why would a ghost hate your electronics? And why not pick on the microwave instead? Oops, hope I haven’t hexed you! Great blog and history on your house. I like the sage idea up above. I have used it before when I moved into a new office to get rid of the energy from whoever was there before me.


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