doing good to the last drop

I know I wrote a while back that the babies had stolen my taste for coffee. Well, I’m happy to report, I got my love of coffee back, and thank goodness, because not only am I sleep deprived, but we’ve found an awesome local (to Little Rock) source for awesome Guatemalan coffee that comes with a little something extra. Leiva’s Coffee is to coffee and philanthropy what Toms Shoes is to shoes and philanthropy, only instead of just giving away shoes (or I guess they’d be giving away coffee?), they invest in Guatemalan communities. The coffee itself is farmer-direct, and they use their profits to fund housing, schools, and health clinics. If you already drink coffee anyway, why not choose a product that gives you great farmer-direct coffee that makes the world a better place?

Full disclosure: while my husband is acquainted with Geovanni Leiva from his work with YoungLife, I have never met anyone from Leiva’s Coffee, and they have no idea I’m writing this post. I wasn’t compensated in any way, and in fact, we buy 2 pounds of their bold roast coffee per month through their coffee club subscription. It’s delicious in our French Press.

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