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I’ve realized, while pregnant, that people really have no frame of reference for what pregnant bodies are supposed to look like. Every woman carries her pregnancy differently, every woman gains weight in different amounts and in different places, and as a result, even those who have been pregnant or have experienced a pregnancy up close have no idea what we’re “supposed” to look like at various stages along the way. Perhaps because there’s no “supposed” and we’re all special pregnant snowflakes. Anyway, I say all this because to everyone I meet I am either ginormous or way too tiny to be carrying twins.

Here’s the real facts: I’m 7 months pregnant, I have gained about 30 pounds (which my doctor is very pleased with), and I’m officially measuring about as big as I would be at full term with a singleton. And I still have two months to go.

Though lots of folks still tell me how tiny I am and are amazed that I really “have two in there,” I’m starting to feel the effects of carrying around all this weight all the time. Basically, as I have tearfully told Jon more than a couple of times lately, I hurt somewhere all the time. If it’s not my ribs from the weight of two baby heads, it’s now muscular pain in my back so bad I can barely walk from my living room, where I spend a lot of time snuggled with a heating pad, to my kitchen. I get short of breath easily, and any sort of movement is enough to trigger Braxton Hicks contractions, which, while not exactly painful, are definitely uncomfortable. Oh, and the only thing I’m allowed to take for all this pain is a couple of Tylenol. Fun times.

I’m glad I’m not experiencing pre-term labor. I’m happy to let the babies cook as long as they need to. But I can’t lie and say I’m enjoying this part. It’s harder than I thought it would be and I’m kind of over it.

Which is why I was particularly happy that my marvelously talented friend Christen Byrd took some gorgeous maternity photos for us. I got them back this weekend, and they made me feel pretty at a time when I pretty much feel awful. You can see more of the photos on her site, and if you’re local, I HIGHLY recommend you let her “shoot” you sometime– wedding, maternity, engagement, family, newborn, whatever. She will make you feel great, she will make you smile real smiles, and you will not be disappointed.

BELLY! Photo by the wonderful Christen Byrd.

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  1. You deserve a 5 star rating for attitude and beauty. Aches, pains, tears and fatigue are all normal for pregnancy, everyone handles it differently depending on their attitude, yours has taken the high road .WOW. If there was a Mrs. Twin 2012 you would be the winner, you are glowing. Thanks for sharing.


  2. The end of pregnancy really isn’t any fun… and your “end” is kind of 2 months long. On the plus side, the double payoff will be entirely worth it. I’d tell you to enjoy every moment… but just like parenting, every moment need not be enjoyable for it to be worthwhile. You will treasure those photos forever, I’m sure!


  3. Beautiful pictures!

    The end of pregnancy is such a roller coaster, and is pretty much the hardest point because your hormones are all over AND you may (I did) feel like a hippo and just want to be able to bend over or stretch in a way that doesn’t hurt. People are often very vocal on how big a pregnant woman “should” be. So silly!

    I don’t like unsolicited advice, m’self, and being a doula I know mamas get tired of it when the general public tries to tell them how THEY should carry a baby or do this or that for pain or morning sickness or whatever. Plus, you live with a medical professional! Still, if you ever want any new suggestions for easing discomfort I will try to help. I’m sure you’ve tried most everything- it is so hard to be patient at this time, and you are doing twice the work. You are a strong mama!


  4. I meant to add that you are a perfect, beautiful size for a pregnant mama! :) You are a gorgeous pregnant woman, Sarah!


  5. yes – you look great! I’m at 17w, one baby in there and had the opposite experience this week: someone saying, “Are you sure you don’t have twins in there???” (I have pics posted, if you want to check out how “enormous” I am) and I agree – people, even (and perhaps Especially) people who have been through a pregnancy just don’t know what to say.


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