the babies are bankrupting us already

Things are getting more real in Babyville as my belly grows and the impending arrival of two wee ones continues to sink in. Helping us feel reality? Baby stuff has begun to arrive in our house.

I knew all along that one of our bigger purchases would be a stroller. A lot of my friends with only one baby don’t wind up using their stroller all that much– it’s usually easier to just strap the kid to your chest, or carry him, or put him in the car seat and carry it, than it is to haul out a big bulky thing and wheel it around. However, with two babies, that’s less of an option. Pretty much any time I attempt to go somewhere in public with the babies without Jon, I’m going to need a stroller, so it needs to be one I like. Unfortunately, I hated most of the double strollers I looked at. The tandem ones (a friend described them as “fighter jet cockpits”) seem long and unwieldy, but the side-by-sides sometimes don’t fit through doors and store aisles. And the strollers I didn’t hate? Well, they were really, REALLY expensive. I fell in love with the Baby Jogger City Select, because it’s not ridiculously huge, it takes 2 infant carseats (actually a rarity in double strollers, as most are meant for parents with two kids of different ages rather than twins), and the seats can be configured a bajillion different ways. It was expensive, but not as expensive as many of the fancy stroller brands, but still, we were not so in love with the idea of spending $650+ for a stroller, and I figured there was no way I’d ever get one.

But then I found one for $499. And then I read my friend Suzanne’s rave review of her Baby Jogger City Select, which she uses for her baby and her toddler, and when she told me even her husband agreed the stroller was a good buy even at full price…well, we decided it was the stroller for us. I’m not crazy about the fact that it’s white, but with the $150 we saved, I’m sure we can buy some Scotchguard or something. We’re both pretty excited for it to arrive. Maybe we’ll have to put Tinycat in it to test it out or something!

In even more exciting news, we don’t need a new car. We went to Babies R Us, where they kindly let you test carseats in your actual car before you buy, and discovered that the Chicco Key Fit 30 actually fits in our car on the passenger and middle seat while still allowing Jon to scoot the drivers’ seat into a comfortable position. In fact, he can even put one behind the drivers’ seat and still drive, though we like being able to have one of us sit in the back with the babies, at least at the start.

So, lil Pontiac Vibe, you will remain with us a while longer. We picked out the orange and grey version (in stock it was that or black/gray), and orange happens to be Jon’s favorite color. We’ve put the seats in the car and driven around the block, so we know it works. Lots of people keep telling me I need a minivan, including the ladies on the Mothers of Multiples message boards, but somehow people in Europe manage to have multiple children in small cars, so I’m sure we can make it work. We have the added incentive of this car being paid off and not wanting to add car payments on top of baby expenses, so we don’t even need Tim Gunn to tell us to make it work.

I’m hoping the excitement over fun baby stuff can help distract me until our next doctor’s appointment on the 16th. I’m hoping we can get a peek at the genders then, and the anticipation is killing me!

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  1. We used the Chicco Key Fit infant seat too and I have to say…I. LOVE. IT. I love the fact that the base has an adjustable leveler (something I WISH our convertable car seat had). I also found it SUPER easy to take out to clean or move to a different vehicle (like for grandparents). The stroller looks awesome! I used mine all the time. The infant carriers are heavy and I just found it easier – even if it did take up my entire trunk to haul it.


  2. I PROMISE you will love the stroller. I still love mine just as much as when I wrote the post, even though it’s dirty and gross and the straps are all crooked. It’s one of our best baby purchases to date (a close second: sound machine. third: iPhones for middle of the night Twittering while nursing).

    I wouldn’t say you NEED a minivan and you definitely have good reasons not to get one. But they are SO PRACTICAL. I can fit both car seats AND the giant stroller AND still go to BJ’S for bulk diapers and paper towels and dog food without worrying anything will fit. Plus my husband loves that he can fit a sheet of plywood in the back – he doesn’t even talk about wanting a pick up truck anymore.


  3. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog from Girlsgonechild and thought I would chime in. I had my twin boys (also my first babies) in late September and we have some of the same ideas on baby stuff. We also know the power of a paid off small car (2 door Toyota Yaris) and also used the Chicco keyfit 30 seats. My husband and I are both tall and we are a little close to the dash, but it’s only for one year that they’ll be rear-facing. We also realize that we won’t be going on any long car rides with the boys in that first year unless it’s necessary regardless of our car size.

    We also thought about getting the Baby Jogger City Select since it’s actually pretty compact as far as strollers go and we figured spending more money on a stroller that will fit in our car is a heck of a lot cheaper than a new car that fits a cheaper stroller. We ended up with the Kolcraft Contours stroller since it’s similarly sized and we found one used for $100.

    We have also been trying to use cloth diapers on the boys and we’ve been using gDiapers. We end up using the disposable/biodegradable option when we’re out or at night, and it’s actually pretty nice. The major downside is that I don’t believe they save money, but we are at least saving some of our planet’s resources.

    Having two babies at the same time IS expensive and tough, but flexibility in EVERYTHING will make things much easier.


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