eating for three…or not

One of my only cravings so far: Wendy's Spicy Chicken.

So, big news yesterday, huh? I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it. Jon and I just look at each other and laugh. I keep saying to him, “TWINS?!” The word must always be typed in all caps, with extra punctuation. Everyone around us is so super excited, but as Jon says, “Everyone’s excited about twins…so long as someone else is having them.” Our entire world has been turned upside down, and it’s going to take a while for it all to feel real, I’m sure.

One of the things Jon said to me, in between all of the TWINS!? talk was: we’re gonna have to revise your estimated wait gain. And: “you’re gonna be SO BIG!” I’m having a hard time imagining myself getting SO BIG, because I’m having a hard time eating at all.

It’s not that I’m puking my guts out and unable to eat. (I’m knocking on wood, but I haven’t puked yet!) It’s not that I have weird food aversions (my friend who is having a baby any day now has had to avoid chicken for her entire pregnancy because it makes her want to puke). It’s that absolutely no food sounds good to me in the slightest. I can’t even picture myself eating anything, let alone working up the energy to figure out something that sounds appetizing and prepare myself something to eat. A complete and total lack of energy has been my major symptom so far, and I’ve been getting plenty of sleep at night, as well as regularly taking 3 hour naps. I have no energy to think about food, which is weird, because I’m kind of a foodie. See that whole tab up there, dedicated to food?

I will say that I finally understand this whole pregnancy craving thing. It never made any sense to me before, because hey, don’t we all crave foods sometimes? But it’s not like we’re going to die if we don’t get them, and why are pregnant women allowed to pretend their cravings are just UNSTOPPABLE?  I still don’t feel like my cravings are any stronger than the cravings I got when I wasn’t pregnant, but when my default state is now total apathy to feeding myself, actually wanting and being excited about eating a particular food is a considerable improvement over the status quo. So, if I crave a Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich, that’s what I’m having, dammit, because it’s something I’m willing to eat, and that’s better than nothing.

Supposedly I’m supposed to be consuming an extra 1,000 600 calories per day. So far, I’m positive that’s not happening. I’m eating about as much as I did before. I’m making a real effort not to be a nervous nellie about all things pregnancy, so I figure for now, unless my doctor or the doctor I live with tell me differently, I will attempt to listen to my body, like always, and eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. So I finally went to the store and bought a bunch of stuff that I don’t have to cook. Things like pad thai noodle bowls and frozen pizza and whatnot. It solves the problem of having no energy to think about or make food, and it works out fine because I’m not actually opposed to any foods at this point. So, food in boxes is where I’m at. Because eating is better than not eating, even though I’m usually Little Miss All Natural Sustainable Foods.

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  1. Those sandwiches were one of my MAJOR cravings with Caroline too.

    My first pregnancy I wanted ALL FOOD ALL THE TIME except for the stuff that made me sick just THINKING about it (raw chicken, carrots, anything even a tiny bit slimy). The second time, I felt super meh about eating and just snacked the whole time and avoided sweets, which made me feel ill.

    I think you are doing EXACTLY the right thing as far as listening to your body. And remember the weight gain stuff is just guidelines and the real measure is growing babies.


  2. I agree with you – listen to your body & your doctors. I craved toasted turkey sandwiches from Subway throughout my entire pregnancy. I ate them all. the. time. I hope that your pregnancy is as easy as it can be with twins!! Congrats again!


  3. You’ll only need a thousand extra calories once you get to breastfeeding! For one baby, they told me 100 for first tri, 200 for second, 300 for third, 500 for breastfeeding. Either way, I wouldn’t worry. Smoothies were my friend… and DQ Blizzards.


  4. Right there with you, girl. I didn’t have cravings or aversions — I just didn’t want to eat anything at all. It wasn’t aversion… it was just apathy. I never had morning sickness either. There were a few mornings where all I had for breakfast was an avocado and a big glass of milk (blecht), but nothing crazy. You’re thinny mcskinny; I’m sure you won’t have any trouble. ALSO: I found that drinking a gallon of water per day really helped me keep swelling down (I kept a gallon jug on my desk at the museum) (but then I’m six feet tall and was hugely pregnant during a massive heatwave sooooo that may not apply to you.) I guess what I’m saying is do what makes you happy and you’ll have happy babies. The end! TWINFRIENDS! I’m so excited!


    1. Good to know the food apathy thing is normal. I think I’m starting to drive Jon a little bonkers with my swanning around about how there is nothing in the world I want to eat, but he’d never say so. My stepmom was convinced there is Something Seriously Wrong that I was napping all the time and not in the mood to eat. Somehow now the magic of TWINS!? has now convinced her that anything that I’ve got going on is a-OK and somehow their fault.


  5. I too think your appetite will likely improve as you get farther along. In the meantime, do whatever works! (Yogurt-based drinks were my friend.)

    I’m thrilled for you and Jon. But he’s right – everyone is always happier when someone *else* is having the twins! :-)


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