tinycat meets the stray

So…Tinycat still lives here. We got a new home all lined up and then, while I was all “trying to be strong and do the right thing,” Jon decided we just couldn’t part with him.

The other morning, we were doing our usual morning routine, which involves me internetting and drinking coffee while Tinycat hangs out on the back of the couch/on the windowsill. He likes to bask in the sun like so:

While he was basking, a stray cat outside (our neighborhood is full of strays and semi-strays that seem to have owners who don’t keep them inside, ever) spotted him and popped up on the window ledge to say “hi.”

And then this ensued:

I think he really wanted to go out and play! A friend wondered if they were related, but that’s probably pretty unlikely as Tinycat was found way downtown and this cat lives around here. Now if only our dogs were as calmly curious and playful as that stray cat, we’d be getting somewhere!

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  1. I’ve taken to feeding cats in the neighborhood, because they seem to find their way to our house. Our cats stay outside during the day and come in at night, so the food is out for them on the porch, and we get a couple of extra regular visitors, much to the consternation of our pair.

    Cats are pretty social, so it doesn’t surprise me Tinycat would want to play with another cat. Of course, I don’t know how other cats in the neighborhood would take to him, as cats are also territorial.


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