kit happens

So yeah. This happened:

While working at our church’s community garden on Saturday, a homeless friend came up with a tiny, flea-covered kitten in need of a home. He said, hilariously, that he would have liked to keep him himself, but he didn’t want him to be a “hobo kitty.” Of course, I’m a sucker for any and all animals, and I agreed to take him home and de-flea him and find him a family to adopt him. Guess who hasn’t been adopted yet… We’re keeping him on a “trial basis” to see if he can get along with our dogs, or, phrased more accurately, if the dogs can get along with him. So far they’re not allowed in the same room. We’re not naming him til we’re sure we’re keeping him, but we’re enjoying his cuteness and playfulness for now, and referring to him as Tinycat. The dogs, on the other hand, are referring to him as “that dastardly intruder who wants to steal our snacks.”

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  1. OMG so adorable. Our cats were here first, but after we got the dog everyone adjusted and now they can even hang out on the same patch of sunlight with no fighting. I hope you get to keep Tinycat!!


    1. Amy- I really want him to be ours, but I’m worried about our psycho dog Olive. She likes to kill small animals like birds, and maybe kitties. Can’t keep him if she wants to eat him. Time will tell.


  2. Oh you are not gonna not-keep-him. We did the same thing a couple of years ago and he is really the best! He was a tiny tiny kitty, sittin alone in a bush, homeless and mommyless, so his name ended up to be Bum (in swedish ofc, so its Lodis)

    Good luck With the doggies!!


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