help turn on the TAPs

I was supposed to have this post up hours ago. But, two days ago, I somehow dropped my mug of coffee onto my 4 year old MacBook. It just fell right out of my hands and landed right on the keyboard, coffee seeping everywhere. Jon immediately suspected that I’d done it on purpose, as I’ve been talking about wanting a new laptop for weeks, as the old lapple was getting slower and less reliable, and in one spot was held together by duct tape. Of course, had I tried to sabotage the laptop, I probably wouldn’t have dumped hot coffee on it, and myself, while sitting on our ivory sofa. Thank God for ScotchGuard. Though it had already survived Jon spilling a mojito on it last year, the coffee proved to be too much for the lapple. It turns on and still works, but the keyboard doesn’t. Because I have a million and one things to do for school, freelancing, and am teaching at church on Sunday, we needed a new computer ASAP. Jon’s desktop happened to have died a few weeks ago. So, we went out and bought a 13 inch MacBook Pro at Best Buy.

We are so incredibly privileged. So crazy freaking incredibly privileged.

I can go out and get a new, fancy schmancy laptop, and yet 4,000 kids die every day because they lack access to clean, safe drinking water. That’s just unacceptable. And a major barrier to clean drinking water for people all over the world isn’t a lack of wells, it’s simply broken pumps. And there’s a group of people doing something about it. They’re called The Adventure Project, and they’re raising money to train hand pump well mechanics and to repair broken pumps, to give people life-saving access to safe drinking water. My friend Alex asked me to join the cause and share it with the folks who read this humble blog. It would be amazing if 10 readers could donate $20 to help TAP reach their goal of raising $10,000 in one day, an amount that could provide 300 people with water every month. I’ll be chipping in my $20. Please consider doing the same. Click here to donate.

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