Memaw’s treasures

This weekend I helped my parents move into a new house and my Memaw to move in with them.  My Memaw has always been a collector, and the family historian, so she has a houseful of beautiful things and probably enough to fill another.  Because she is moving in with my parents, many members of my family are basically getting our “inheritance” early, which I think is great, because I get to tell her how beautiful I think things are, learn the stories behind them, and thank her.  I know I have a few vintage-loving readers/friends, so I thought I’d share what Memaw gave me here.

Memaw had at least 8 complete sets of dishes. We asked her how she wound up with so many dishes and what she did with them all, and all she would say is that she used to throw a lot of bridge parties, and my Pops never fussed at her for buying things.  There’s a set of china that Memaw gave to my mom and dad that will one day be mine, but in the meantime I got this fun set of regular, everyday dishes:

You can see how well they match the color scheme in my dining room curtains!

I think the funky tea pot is my favorite part of the whole set:

Speaking of tea pots, I also inherited a tea pot that originally belonged to my grandfather’s mother! I love the unusual shape:

Being a big ol’ liberal, I was psyched to see this commemorative plate from FDR’s Warm Springs, GA, retreat.  I just listened to an episode of This American Life on the way back from Florida which mentioned Warm Springs and tried to figure out if FDR liked to drink the local moonshine when spending time there (I bet he did).

I think this will be hung on the wall in my kitchen.

I also received a lovely set of blue and white plates that my Pops sent home from Europe to his mother while he was serving in WWII.  Memaw kept telling me “these are a real prize!” and I certainly agree.  These will also be hung on the wall in my kitchen:

I have a thing for milk glass, so I took this set of plates, even though there weren’t very many of them.  They were just too pretty to pass up!

I love how translucent they are.
I also love the gold-rimmed scalloped edges.

Proof that my liberalism has roots, a set of vintage Democratic donkey glasses (shot glasses?):

I also thought these tiny red glasses were pretty cute:

Believe it or not, before this, I didn’t have a butter dish:

More blue and white.  The set of dishes I got when I got married is blue and white, so this lovely serving platter will go nicely with the stuff I already own:

These super retro tea cups were actually a belated anniversary gift from Memaw. They sort of remind me of Liberty of London textiles.

I also got these little milk glass bakers:

An oil and vinegar bottle:

And a cute little green citrus juicer:

And, most miraculously? I found space for everything in my kitchen!

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  1. Wow, What a great collection of pottery and glassware. I have a little green lemon squeezer from my Grandma just like yours and she is from New Zealand.

    I love the family stories that go with collections like these. I now live in Australia and am going through the “How do I get those precious things home with me?” questions whenever I visit my Mum & Dad’s house.

    On my next visit coming up soon I am aiming to capture some of the family stories behind the special pieces that have been passed from generation to generation.


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