a busdriver’s birthday flashmob

In Denmark, Mukhtar the bus driver had a birthday, and his regular riders had a great idea to make it a special one.  I dare you not to mist up:

I haven’t ridden the bus in a month, because I need my extra minutes in the morning to keep our house clean enough for showings, but one thing I miss about it is the community riding the bus creates among the regulars and the drivers.  We were never all close enough to plan and execute a birthday flashmob for a driver, but we knew each other, knew each others’ stops, and chatted with each other each morning and evening.   I miss chatting with my bus friends and joking with my favorite drivers.

Even though I’m not a bus rider right now, this sweet video has inspired me. What a great way to show someone you appreciate that they do their job! I’m going to try to make a point to thank someone just for doing a great job at their job, no matter how “menial” it may be considered in society.  Why don’t you do the same?

Note: I originally found the video via Andrew Sullivan.

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