I have a #LRTweetup story, and I’ve never attended a Tweetup

I've found Twitter to be a very "uplifting" experience (groan).

Although I was born and raised in Arkansas, for the past three years, I’ve been living in Charleston, SC.  Now that my husband is finishing his residency in pediatrics, we’re moving back to Little Rock, AR, for him to do a fellowship in pediatric emergency medicine at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, and, thanks in large part to the fine folks on Twitter who participate in the #LRTweetup community, I’m excited about the move (even as leaving Charleston is breaking my heart).

I’m really not sure how I found these people, but I’m pretty sure I found most of them through my childhood friend, @SavannahB, who had already gotten pretty connected with the #LRTweetup folks by the time she and I reconnected via Twitter after I joined sometime last fall. I noticed that she had all sorts of fun exchanges with various Little Rock folks on Twitter, and started to follow some of her tweeps.  I assumed Savannah had met these people before, and DM’d her asking how she knew them.  That’s when I found out she had met most of them on Twitter first, and then met them at tweetups.

As I followed more and more of the funny, inspiring, engaged, and sweet people who make up the #LRTweetup community, I found more and more people to follow. These days, my Little Rockers friend list contains 69 tweeps!  And as the date of my move (the end of next month) approaches, the #LRTweetup people couldn’t be more welcoming, especially considering they’ve never even “met” me! I’ve had tweeps recommend Realtors, scout out rental houses, pass along my resume to potential employers, and offer to meet up for drinks when I come to town to look for a rental house.  Today, my mother in law had surgery, and so many tweeps offered to pray for her.

When I first moved to South Carolina, I had a really rough time. My husband was working a lot, and I didn’t know a soul.  The move to Little Rock will probably also be rough, and my husband will be working a lot, but I have a feeling I won’t have such a rough time.  Because I know there’s a great group of people ready and willing to hang out with me, as soon as the next #LRTweetup.  I only wish I could be there tomorrow night for the group’s Tweetie awards– I still can’t get over the fact that a group of people I’ve never “met” nominated me for an award, though I guess it’s a testament to my tendency to insert my loudmouthed self into the center of things, but more than that, a testament to this group’s welcoming attitude.  I can’t wait to meet each and every member of the #LRTweetup community.

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  1. Looking so forward to meeting you! Bet we have a lot in common, growing up here, moving away to where we know no one and then finally coming home … though leaving a bit of ourselves behind as we do, huh? It will be great when you’re finally here and you can always call on me anytime :)


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