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…for a quick announcement: there’s not gonna be a new blog post today. Yesterday, I wrote my brains out. You see, I’ve been taking a grad class on the Harlem Renaissance and the Black Arts Movement, and I was just SURE that my final paper was due next Monday. I’d done most of the reading, but hadn’t written a lick since I turned in my 3-page precis a few weeks ago. Usually, most of my writing process takes place in my head, as I’m doing the research, and I just sit down to write and pour it all out, so I knew a week would be plenty of time to turn out a good paper.  If there’s anything my undergrad degrees in English and political science taught me, it’s that I can write 3-4 pages per hour, no problem.

But then I showed up to our last class yesterday and realized papers were due. WHAT?! I knew I had to get home and get writing and try to get the darn thing done that day. And I did it. I wrote the fastest paper I’ve ever written: 15 pages in 5 hours. It’s not a masterpiece of fine editing, but it’s a paper incorporating Lacanian psychology, geo-physical theory, and theology to analyze Nella Larsen’s Harlem Renaissance novel Quicksand.  I got it emailed to my prof by 7:00 pm, and sincerely apologized for not having it ready to turn in during class. I have no idea if this will mean points off my grade, but I guess the beauty of being a non-degree student is my world won’t be crushed if I don’t make an A.

So, I used up my words yesterday, and I just used up more telling you why these words in this space aren’t more interesting. See ya tomorrow.

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