clean me up before you go go

our adorable house. don't you want to buy it so i can stop cleaning?

Because this blog has a whole section called “Tales from the Bus,” I feel like I have to confess something: I’m not riding the bus much right now.  Because our house is on the market, it has to look ready for a showing all the time. Because we still live there, this means someone has to remove all traces of our presence every morning before leaving the house. Because my poor husband has to leave to be at work at 6:30 am these days, this means I’m the one to do it, because it’s hard to sweep the floors in the dark.  Because if I drive instead of riding the bus, I have an extra hour at home, I’m not riding the bus these days.

Someone please please please buy my house so I can stop cleaning it! We’re no slobs, but making the bed, sweeping the floors (with two dogs, this is a daily necessity), rounding up the clutter, wiping down the kitchen counters, scrubbing the kitchen sink, and doing a quick dusting of the living room every single morning is seriously getting annoying.

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  1. This is one reason why I am not moving until I die or the kids move out of the house – whichever comes first. Because keeping that house that clean would truly be the end of me.

    The other reason is the 5000 books that would have to move, too.

    I hope it sells soon!


  2. Ugh. We might be selling soon. This just filled me with dread. I feel like a 5 yr old, “you mean I’d have to clean the house every morning!”


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