an embarrassment of riches

I write all the time about what a great food town Charleston is.  It’s mostly because of the food (but also because of the beach, and yeah, ok, fine, because of our friends, and the beauty of this old city) that I’m so sad to be moving. I’ve been working on a list of all the restaurants (using The Charleston Chef’s Table as a sort of guide) we’ve tried here and all the ones I’ve been meaning to try, and thought I’d make it a post, and perhaps it’s own page on this site. So, if you look up top, there should be a new tab of Charleston Eats where I list most restaurants I’ve heard I should check out, with ones we’ve actually tried checked off.  Sometime when I’m feeling really ambitious, I’ll write up blurbs about all of them, but for now you just get a list.  It’s amazing to me how long it is, how many we’ve tried, and how many we have yet to try. It’s also amazing how many other places aren’t even on the list– this is just a serious food town, and if you like to eat, I recommend coming here for at least a week and trying to eat your way through it.

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  1. We plan all our trips to Charleston around places to eat. I’m sort of amazed at how many new ones have sprung up since we left – there used to be less than a dozen really gourmet restaurants. Now, SO MANY. I can’t wait to go back and try some of your rcommendations.


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