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If you’re not reading this in a reader, you might notice that the adventures of ernie bufflo has a new look! Much as I love actual buffalo, I decided I wanted something more fun, girly, and colorful. So I have decided that my ernie bufflo alter ego is a cowgirl.  Whaddaya think?

Edited: So. Before today, I had never heard of The Pioneer Woman, which is apparently shocking because she’s apparently famous. As a result, after I Google Image Searched “vintage cowgirl” upon having my cowgirl idea this morning, I found the image I was using as a header on a site that collects vintage cowgirl pinups. I thought it was adorable, it reminded me of a vintage cowgirl wallet I rocked in high school, I went with it.  Turns out I was jacking The Pioneer Woman’s steez (which, I apparently do all the time, as in my CSA cooking days, I joke about being a pioneer).  Now that I have been alerted, I have selected a different vintage cowgirl. I hope this prevents it from looking like I’m copying her on purpose.  That said, her blog seems wonderful, and I’ll be reading it from here on out.

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  1. i think she’s fab. i got started on her cooking posts & then one day read through the blog area. i loved the progression of her black heels to tractor wheels story that she released one chapter at a time, too.

    plus her photography is fab. & she’s funny as all get out. my kinda girl. hope you enjoy.


  2. I love it! I was going to say the same thing, re: The Pioneer Woman. In fact, I think that cowgirl is her current twitter icon. I high recommend following her as sometimes she actually responds, even to normal every day shlubs like me, when you mention her cooking.


    1. Now I’m worried about unintentionally copying the Pioneer Woman! I used to have a wallet with a similar cowgirl on it. Now I’m wondering if I should pick something different.


  3. GAH. I didn’t even find it on her site (as I’d never heard of her) and now I’m gonna have to find something new. But I can’t change it yet because I’m too busy fighting photoshop trying to make a flyer for work. Might be back to the buffalo for me.


  4. eh, i can’t imagine her being that upset. if you were to take on the name “pioneer girl” + refer to bessie’s & olive’s paws as smelling like fritos, then perhaps p-dub would do a smackdown.

    own your inner cowgirl or cow(buff[a]lo) & go for it.

    /sidenote that i now must ask my nerdular husbeau: what’s a female buffalo called?


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