overheard at my office

I’m lucky to work for an awesome studio art department, and as a result, have lots of cool events I could go to on a regular basis.  This weekend, a student/faculty show is opening at a local gallery/studio space AND the on-campus gallery is opening a show of photographs from war zones in Rwanda and Uganda.  I’m hoping to find someone to go to these openings with me, since Jon’s working nights (SUCK).  I just had this conversation with a coworker.

Him: You coming to the student/faculty opening tomorrow night?

Me: If I can find a friend to go with me! My husband’s working.

Him: Come with us, we’re friends, right?

Me: Sure! Are you going to the Halsey opening too?

Him: Well, it looks kind of depressing. You might need a hug after, and I’m not sure we’re THAT good of friends.

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