a little black raincloud, and her silver lining

Image via Flickr user kevindooley under a Creative Commons license.

One of the things I like best about my husband is that he sees the best in people. He looks for the bright side. He points out the silver lining.  He doesn’t question motives. He gives the benefit of the doubt.  This is probably how he is able to tolerate and even find attractive my sometimes somewhat stormy personality, and I’m grateful for it.  I can spill the glass of milk and then cry over it, and he’ll still tell me it’s half full.

I need this in my life.  Probably particularly when I’m being cynical and complainy and bitching about exactly how I feel about someone, which is, unfortunately, more often than not, though I’m trying to work on my judgy judgerson ways.  So, while I may wish that he would occasionally just agree with me that someone SUCKS AT LIFE, I’m glad he doesn’t.  Now if you’ll excuse me, this little black rain cloud is off to hover under a honey tree.

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