thanks for proving my point

Come to think of it, using THIS sort of mace would probably be more satisfying.  Image via Flicr user hyku.
Come to think of it, using THIS sort of mace would probably be more satisfying. Image via Flicr user hyku.

This is just a quick follow-up to yesterday’s post about men who approach women in public places.  I had a lovely day on the bus today.  This morning, the bus was very crowded.  I had to wedge in between two people in one of the few remaining empty spaces, and the space was really about half the size of a “seat.”  And yet, perhaps because it was such a gorgeous golden morning, everyone on the bus was in a good mood.  At least everyone in the first half of the bus with the two long rows of seats that face each other.  We were all chatting, one lady talking about her upcoming two weeks of vacation, another about her daughter’s first birthday, another guy about his sister’s birthday party this weekend.  I got off the bus with a smile and a spring in my step.  Even this afternoon, the bus arrived on time (something it rarely seems to do on Fridays), it wasn’t crowded, I chatted with the 2-weeks vacation lady about her plans and our busy Fridays.

And then I got off the bus.

As I was crossing an intersection, a car slowed down as it got close to me.  It was an Acura, full of “bro” looking dudes.  They were hanging out the windows of the car, waving their arms, screaming loudly at me.  It seriously startled me.  I jumped and recoiled.  I think I half expected them to throw something at me.  I have no idea what they were screaming.  It shook me up.

I have no idea why this happens to me so often.  I have no idea why these men do things like this, though my theory is that they get off on intimidating women on the street.  I think I’m going to get some mace or pepper spray for my keychain.

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  1. I think that startled reaction is what they get off on. It’s terrible. It’s not about trying to get a date, contrary to popular belief. It’s about intimidation and bonding with “bros” by scaring women.


    1. Gah. Of course some dude’s comment on this on Facebook was about how he’s now going to never say hello to another woman again. YEAH, this post was all about you saying HELLO. OBVS.

      I went on a rant. Jon was going, I KNOW! YOU DON’T HAVE TO TELL ME!


  2. Buy 2 mace/pepper spray containers. Empty one learning how to arm, fire, and hit your target. Something like 40% of women who ever pull one of those misfire uselessly, and some nice fraction mace themselves. So, learn the weapon. A weapon you can’t use isn’t a weapon.

    Of course, I’d personally go for something that makes bones crack like wet sticks, but pepper spray is probably more work-friendly than a collapsible metal baton. (And the learning curve for fighting sticks is steeper.)


  3. Oh jeez. I have been there. It literally ruins my day. When it would happen to me when I was younger, like high school age, I would get physically sick to my stomach.


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