programming note

I work at a university and classes start back this week, which means I’ll be spending most of my work time actually working– helping new adjuncts figure out their email, overriding students into full classes, assigning lockers, and generally telling everyone in the department to please take a deep breath and calm down. I’m also taking a class this fall and will be starting back to school myself for the first time in three years. Then we’re going to NYC this weekend for my husband’s birthday.  And then I have jury duty next week, so who knows what that will be like.  Basically posting will be lighter than usual for the next two weeks.

In the mean time, if YOU need to take a deep breath and calm down, I recommend looking at this picture of the Angel Oak. It’s a 1500 year old tree, the oldest living thing East of the Rocky Mountains, and I finally got to see it last week. I should perhaps be ashamed, but it sort of reminded me of the Whomping Willow, though it did not whomp us. DSC05304

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