programming note

I’ve decided to stop doing posts on the weekend, as no one reads them anyway, and I should really be trying to interact with humans instead of screwing around on the interwebz on my days off.  So.  Check out some of the fun stuff you may have missed this week, like the post about my pet-chauvenism, my take on Jon & Kate + Hate, and a lot of special Mark Sanford news including the Crying In Argentina Playlist.  And now, just for funzies, I will leave you with two videos.  The thing they have in common?  Both are local TV specials, made in the South.

First up is Turtleman.  I love this guy.  As my husband says, “You can just tell that he loves life.”  I’m sure anyone from the South could tell a story of an encounter with someone just like him.  As my boss says: “America.  People are doing crazy shit all over it.”

Next up is Skidboot the Dog.  He’s amazing.  Now my dogs commonly hear the phrase “WHY CAN’T YOU BE MORE LIKE SKIDBOOT??”

Y’all have a great weekend!

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