i have baggage

So, I involved you, the Internets, in a quest for my new work tote.  And you voted.  And then I picked something else that wasn’t even in the original lineup.  And then I waited for it to get to me, all the way from Turkey.  And it arrived! And it was beautiful!

And alas….

It was too small.  My lunch bag wouldn’t fit in it, and it’s not like I have a giant lunch bag.  It pretty much just holds one small tupperwear or sandwich, a yogurt, and maybe an apple or orange.  So, my beautiful all-the-way-from-Turkey bag will have to be a purse used on non-work-days, leaving me again in need of a new work tote.

SO. I went out on my lunch break and got this:


It was $15 at the Gap (they don’t even have this pattern online where they are selling them for $24 down from $35), and it’s huge.  And, if I do say so myself, pretty darn cute (I almost bought a plain khaki one but decided to live a little).  I discovered coming home in a deluge that the side pockets are pretty handy if you’re on a bus and you need somewhere to stash a damp umbrella without ruining all your other stuff.

I think it will go nicely with the wallet I ordered today.  Now, I have a sister with expensive taste who always has the best things and works in a cute boutique so she always knows the best styles.  She carries a wallet from Hobo International which looks like this: 1277_pool_l1277_pool_iI have long coveted one, as it’s closer to a clutch than a wallet.  Perfect for tossing into a larger bag, like a work tote, and taking out for lunch or shopping on one’s lunch break.  You can even put your phone into one of the kiss-lock sections. But.  I am not made of money and can’t justify a wallet that costs over $100.  Enter Tar-jay:51zj7-QCiaL._AA260_51RMTSnNrLL._AA260_This is Target’s version of the Hobo wallet, for about 1/10 of the price ($15).  I guess we’ll see when I get it in the mail if it’s 1/10 as good looking, but from the pictures, it looks like a pretty darn good knockoff.  I’m excited.  If you want one for yourself, Target has them in multiple colors, including black and a sort of snakeskin print, also available in a blue for under $7.50.

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  1. Oh, yay for Gap! I saw that tote recently and I really liked it, but I just bought an awesome tote from them, sans pockets, sadly. Lord if I can figure out how to post pics, but it’s big and off-white with a bold purplish/blue floral pattern and a red luggage tag on it. LOVE IT, especially now with the weird cool/rainy weather we’re having. I can stuff all kinds of things in that bad boy!


  2. I remember those totes, Alissa– I think there was a purple one that I liked a lot! Now I have to cool it on buying handbags for a while or the man who keeps getting packages from places like Woot! and TigZoo will get suspicious. Ah, mawwiage.


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