Dr. George Tiller.  Image via the New York Times.
Dr. George Tiller. Image via the New York Times.

It’s tragic that a Kansas physician, Dr. George Tiller, was murdered while ushering at church this morning by a terrorist (yes, a terrorist.  When you kill a person in hopes of intimidating and striking fear in an entire group of people, it’s terrorism).  It’s crazy to me that anyone who claims to be “pro-life” would take a life in this way.  Also crazy to me is that media outlets including the AP continue to refer to him as “late term abortion provider George Tiller.”  Really?  Which one aspect of Jon’s profession should I choose to refer to him by?  “Lumbar puncturer Jon [Bufflo]?”  Maybe “Lung sounds listener Jon [Bufflo]?” No, accurately, it’s “pediatrician Jon [Bufflo].”  George Tiller was an OB/Gyn.  Who sometimes performed “late term abortions” in the course of his care for his patients.  To refer to him as “late term abortion provider George Tiller” is to further inflame the divisions that caused this tragedy in the first place, and it’s bad journalism.

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  1. Well… you are what you do. All of it. I am, technically, a “stay at home mom.” But I am no more or less a “child spanker” than I am a “child hugger” or a “macaroni and cheese server”.
    I think your title is all-encompassing…. yes, he was an OB/GYN but he was also a “late term abortion provider.” My own ob/gyn is NOT a late term abortion provider. Your own Dr. Buffalo is a pediatrician, but if he had a terminal patient he would provide care, not euthanasia.


  2. However… I am absolutely in agreeance with you- his murder was an act of terrorism, and is in no way conducive to anything “pro-life.”


  3. I’m not saying that he wasn’t also an abortion provider. But for the news articles to refer to him as only an abortion provider is erroneous and proof that they aren’t presenting the facts in an unbiased way. It’s not good journalism, and it’s something this former copy-editor would be fixing in any copy that crossed MY desk.


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