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THIS is what my husband ordered and received in the mail yesterday.  Photo via
THIS is what my husband ordered and received in the mail yesterday. Photo via

I have a feeling that this is ALSO the product of being married to a pediatrics resident: Yesterday my husband got a package from a company called “Udder Covers.”

Me: Um, I’m a little curious about this package you got?  From “Udder Covers?”  What the heck?

Him: It’s a thing you wear to cover up while nursing! They’re supposed to be awesome.  And they’re usually like $30 but I found it for $4! It was a great deal!

Me: Oh.  Why’d you get this light blue one, they come in lots of cute colors and stuff.  Oh, nevermind I’m sure you’re all BUT IT WAS $4!!

Him: Exactly! $4!

Me: Is this a gift for someone? Or are you planning to save it until we’re ready to have kids? OH MY GOSH IS THIS SOME SORT OF HINT?

Him: It’s not a hint.  I’m going to save it.  I’m ready to have kids whenever you are.

I mean, I know we need to have kids pretty soon so he’ll know what the heck he’s talking about with parents at work every day…But at the rate I was planning, he’s going to be saving this “udder cover” for the next year at the earliest!  Though I guess I should never underestimate this man’s susceptibility to a “really good deal!”  A man after my own heart!

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  1. we’re both really blessed to have men who are ready to have kids whenever we are. and you’re really blessed to have such a fervent bargain shopper looking out for your udders!


    1. I think eventually Jon’s going to get impatient with me. I’m pretty sure he was serious when we were talking about a friend who had a baby the other night and he said, “LET’S HAVE A KID!”


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