judgy judgerson

So, I’ve been neglecting the heck out of my blog lately, and for that I apologize, not that anyone wants to read my apologies or anything but just, yeah, I know I haven’t been posting as much lately.  If you’re on Twitter, I’ve been doing a lot more tweeting, so you can always find me there.  Now onto the reason I’m finally compelled/inspired to post again.

I spend a lot of time reading blogs, particularly feministy ones, and particularly Jezebel.com.  Often, Jezebel will cover a high profile nutcase, be they Heidi Montag or Octomom, and then the comments roll in, usually in two distinct categories.  One set of comments is people snarking on or criticizing said nutcase, and the other is the “How dare you JUDGE this nutcase!” as if freedom from judgment is somehow enshrined in the Bill of Rights somewhere.

The most recent example was a post yesterday about the Duggar family, specifically their decision to pose with their most recent child, a premie still fighting for her life in the NICU, in People magazine, and their revelation that they are still open to having more children, even though this most recent pregnancy was life-threatening to both Michelle and Josie. Continue reading “judgy judgerson”

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