a lion has roared his last

My party and my nation have lost a legend.  Senator Ted Kennedy has passed away after a battle with brain cancer.

I am too young to know too much about the Kennedys.  I know they don’t mean to me what they do to so many Americans who loved their family and felt attached to them in ways I can only imagine are like my attachment to Barack Obama, the first politician to make me take the step from mere voter to activist.  And yet I know enough to know that this is a great loss.

They call him the Liberal Lion of the Senate, and his list of accomplishments is long and worthy of admiration.  Though given a name that gave him everything, he gave up nearly everyone he held dear in service to his country.  Though born to privilege, he dedicated his life to the causes of those without.  Though weighed down by a heavy and sad legacy, and sometimes faltering under its weight, he managed to always stand for social justice.  Though caricatured as some kind of left-wing extremist, he, more than self-described “maverick” John McCain, was known for working with the other side in order to accomplish his goals. Continue reading “a lion has roared his last”

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