sexism, safety, and the bus

Photo via Googles Life Photo Archive.
Photo via Google's Life Photo Archive.
I ride the bus to work every day, as I’ve mentioned.  And more than any other consideration, where to sit on the bus occupies a lot of my thoughts.  In general, I think of the seats at the front of the bus, the two rows of 6 seats facing each other across the aisle, as a place for older people, or people with strollers and small children to sit, or for people hopping on who plan to hop off in just a few spots.  I also admit that I was raised by people with Good Southern Manners and occasionally have to resist the urge to give side-eye to able-bodied men who sit in these seats, because of some sort of vague “women and children first” idea.  I’m generally able bodied, and generally, I would think someone like me should not sit in these seats unless no other seats were available.

BUT.  That was before my now several experiences of male creepiness on the bus.  Continue reading “sexism, safety, and the bus”

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