Hands for Haiti, and how you can help

Image via Flickr user Edyta.Materka under a Creative Commons license.

It seems a million new disasters have happened since an earthquake devastated one of the world’s poorest countries about a year ago– Japan’s earthquake looms large in our recent memories, and the destruction wrought by tornadoes and floods ravaging my Southern neighbors is always on my mind. But over 220,000 people were killed in Haiti’s disaster, and, lacking any real government to take the lead in picking up the pieces, recovery has been slow. Cholera continues to devastate the people there. And my big-hearted husband and some of our friends are trying to do something about it.

Next month, Jon will be joining a team to go to Haiti and help. He’ll be working with established clinics to treat cholera and other diseases, and a nurse is also a part of the team. I’m excited for him to have this opportunity, and honestly a little worried about what he’ll encounter there. If there’s anything I covet more than your donations, it’s prayers for their work and their safety.

In addition to prayers, this trip needs FUNDS. The team has organized a fundraising event next Friday, May 20th, at the Clinton Center here in Little Rock. The event kicks off at 7:00 with classical performances from members of the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra. These performances will be followed by a desserts reception, and then the music takes a slightly different turn at 9:00, with performances by local artists Bonnie Montgomery and Chris Denny. Tickets are $40 for the entire event, or you can come for Bonnie and Chris’s performances at 9 and make a donation at the door. Call Thomas Hudson at 501-412-7144 for tickets.

If you can’t make the event and would like to donate and support the Haiti trip, you can contact me: erniebufflo@gmail.com, or you can give online via our church, Eikon, which is sponsoring the trip and processing donations in order for them to be tax deductible. (Just go to the Giving section to donate via PayPal.)

I’ll wrap up with some of Jon’s words about his expectations of the trip:

I expect to be challenged, to look in the face of a suffering people who are crying out to God “why us!” I hope to be Jesus to them, to love the poor, the suffering, to cry with them, to hurt with them and to rejoice with them. I humbly ask you to be a part of this.

Image of Haitians waiting in line for aid via Flickr user UNICEF Sverige under a Creative Commons license.

do fun stuff

Pacing the Panic Room is one of my favorite places in all of the internets. Ryan Marshall takes amazing photos and makes gorgeous videos set to lovely music tells incredibly honest stories about life with his wife Cole and kids, Tessa and LB. LB has a rare genetic disorder called Smith Magenis Syndrome, and Ryan has rounded up a bunch of awesome artists to help raise awareness about SMS and funds for case studies to help parents and families who are dealing with SMS. These artists have created Do Fun Stuff (Vol. 1) (If you click that you can preview the album and read more about it. I really wanted to put the widget at that link onto my site, but WordPress doesn’t allow iframes, boo hiss), which is a kid’s music CD guaranteed not to suck or make you want to stab your eardrums out with a rusty nail. I don’t have kids, and as such, I’m not forced to listen to crappy kid music on a regular basis. I don’t have to buy kid’s music if I don’t want to. But this album is good stuff, and I don’t hate it. In fact, I like it. A lot. I have a feeling you’ll kinda like it too. So, buy it on iTunes, jam out with your kids or your dogs or your own bad self. Help some kids and their families. Do Fun Stuff.

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