15 weeks

I’m now undeniably, obvious-to-strangers, pregnant. Here’s the twin bump at 15 weeks:

According to my app, this week the babies are the size of avocados! I’m feeling pretty good, less gagging, still tired, but feel like most of the yucky symptoms are on the wane. I’m in an annoying stage, clothes wise. I pretty much can’t wear my regular pants, because even with a rubber band looped through the buttonhole and around the button, they fall down (belly bands are no help in the falling down dept) and the zipper that won’t zip all the way digs into me. But all of my maternity pants fall down too. I can’t blame them– my hips probably have a smaller girth than my gut these days, and they’re just doing what stretchy things do– moving toward the smaller point. But sagging crotch is not a cute look, so I’m left hiking my pants back up every 4th step. Jon suggested a belt, but stretchy waistbands have no belt loops. I need maternity suspenders.

I’m starting to spend a lot of time thinking about stuff we’re going to do with these kids once they’re out and in the world, particularly with a lot of research on cloth diapers. It’s something that’s really important to us and our eco-friendly, less-waste, money-saving values, so I hope to make it work! There are zillions of options and figuring out what to buy is actually a little overwhelming. Luckily, I have several good friends who cloth diaper and are happy to pass on resources and encouragement. Most of the negativity I get about my plan to cloth diaper comes from people who have never even tried it, and I realized yesterday that not one of my good friends who has tried cloth diapering has said, “screw it, this sucks, I’m switching back to disposables.” So that’s encouraging!

Still counting down the days til the 16th when we have another appointment and another peek at the babies! Not sure if they’ll be able to tell genders or not at that point.

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