Boden vs. Discount: girls spring looks for less

Each season my Boden Mini catalog arrives and I wish I had adorable British children, or at least the ability to dress my adorable children in adorable British clothes. Alas, they are expensive, and I just can’t justify spending $40 or more on pants for my kids when I spend all my time in $20 jeggings. I hear the argument that Boden clothes hold up better and are thus worth the price, but honestly, my Carters, Old Navy, and Target stuff has been used and abused by my two kids, and still been in great enough shape to pass on to two of our besties’ baby girls, both born a year after Etta and Claire. I like my kids to look cute, but I have a hard enough time justifying my shopping habit at discount prices, let alone spending serious bucks on clothes that are outgrown in a matter of months. Thus, my Boden vs. Discount posts were born. Welcome to the spring edition! I think I’ve done a decent job replicating the looks in the Boden Spring 2014 catalog at much lower prices, and you can expect to see a lot of these discount items on the Bufflo Gals as the weather warms up!

Boden vs. Carters applique tee and skirt
Boden looks for less: mixed print dress
Boden vs. Discount: embroidered tunic and roll cuff pants
Boden vs. Carters: tutu/tee/tights
Boden vs. Discount: print shirt, striped pants
Boden vs. Carters tank and printed skirt

Bufflogal Style for Boys: Boden vs. Discount

OK, Boy Moms, this one’s for you. I’ve often heard mom friends say boys are harder to shop for than girls, and I admit, I usually roll my eyes and think, “How hard could it be? Cute little man clothes are everywhere!” I’m even sometimes jealous of tiny button down shirts, tiny blazers, and other clothes that essentially look like shrunken adult items. However, I’d never really shopped for boys’ clothes in any real capacity until I decided to do a boy clothes counterpart to my Carter’s vs. Boden girls’ clothes piece, and I have to say, there are a LOT of bad graphic tees out there for boys. The weird gender messages of kids’ graphic tees could be a post in and of itself, but it seems like boys’ tees are largely desperate to prove masculinity, covered in licensed characters, or just plain dumb. And, I admit, Carter’s doesn’t seem to be as rocking in the boys’ department as it is the girls’, so I branched out and included Old Navy, Target, and OshKosh in my boys’ looks. (Though if I had a boy, I’d be sorely tempted to dress him in OshKosh overalls 90% of the time.)

Additionally, I have concluded if I had a boy, Boden’s pants just might be worth it. They a) have cute baggy corduroys which I couldn’t find at Carter’s, Target, OshKosh, or Old Navy, and a lot of their styles are either lined or have extra sturdy features like knee patches to stand up to the abuse little boys will put them through.

Still, I think I managed to put together some very similar fall/back to school looks, usually for half the price of Boden, and as a bonus, even found some shoes. This time, I saved myself some trouble by figuring out how to post Polyvore boards in WordPress. So, they don’t have my cute little writing and prices on the images, but there are clicky links to make shopping easier for you. You win some, you lose some.

Without further ado, I present, Bufflogal Style for Boys.

$54 Jackets from Carter’s vs. $95 from Boden:

Carter's vs. Boden: Boy's Coats

$13 striped pullover vs. $38 striped pullover

Discount vs. Boden

Discount vs. Boden: cool shirts, cool kicks

Discount vs. Boden: stripes, flannel, sherpa, and shoes

Carter’s $52/outfit (including shoes!) vs. Boden $100/outfit

Discount vs. Boden: boys' outfits 2

Carter’s $59/outfit vs. Boden $112/outfit

Discount vs. Boden: boys' outfits