I consider myself a follower of Jesus, a phrase I intentionally choose because I reject a lot of the baggage surrounding the words “Christian” and “Christianity.”  I grew up in the Presbyterian Church, USA, have spent time in Episcopal congregations, spent some time with a small group of wonderful folks at a nondenominational church plant, and now attend a United Methodist church in Little Rock, AR.  I’m a doubter, a questioner, and a spiritual seeker, and I like to read and write about spirituality and theology.  This is just a page to keep track of my writing in that area, in order from newest to oldest.

3 Replies to “faith”

  1. The marvellous thing about faith, is that there is no need anything to be true… for feeling happy-for-being-true. Well, it is a psychological mystery, such as the one which makes one bet on red, or black, feeling that it is the right move one is doing… (otherwise we’d bet the other). So it is with Jesus… as there is no historical evidence that He ever exsisted. Anyway, it is always nice to read what you say: all the pleasure stays in listening to you, not in arguing.


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