so, this bufflo has joined the herd.  does this make me a twit? a twat? heaven forbid!  whatever i am, i’m here.

that’s a framer

New semi-regular feature, “that’s a framer!”  This way I can share the occasional cool photo I somehow get lucky and manage to snap, despite my lack of skills.  (Seriously, only part I struggled to pass in journalism classes was photography.)

These photos were taken Sunday evening at Kiawah Island, South Carolina.





Brief moment of fame in the home decor blogosphere: one of my comments got shouted out over at shelterrific in their weekly wrap-up post “Five Things We Learned Last Week“.  They had posted a bit about cable television and who has it, and as we all know, we recently ditched cable and despite my fears, I’m much happier for it.  My brief shoutout:

Lots of you don’t have cable. It came as a surprise that most of the commenters on the Do you have cable tv? post said no, you don’t. Erniebufflo says that, after cutting out cable: “I’m more content because I don’t want as much STUFF because I’m exposed to a lot less advertising.” Several expressed an idea that we could get behind — if we could just pick and choose one or two channels to buy, instead of a huge package of channels we don’t need, we would. Are you listening, cable companies?

It gave me warm fuzzies. If you’re into home decor/gardening/DIY, shelterrific is a great site.  Some others I love include apartmenttherapy, design*sponge, decorno, and badder homes and gardens.

your google is as good as mine

This is just a quickie to note two hilarious search terms that led people to this humble wee blog.

You lookin for me?
You lookin for me?


webbed toes

Perhaps related to a post in which I mentioned my dog Bessie has webbed toes. I wonder if this was someone who has webbed toes and was looking for support? Or perhaps, as Bill O’Reilly and Pat Robertson fear, this person is attracted to webbed toes?


woman my eye!

I have no idea what this means, or how this phrase, complete with exclamation point, led someone here. You?