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Best drink I made this week was this pumpkin, sage, whiskey concoction. here's the recipe if you want it.
Best drink I made this week was this pumpkin, sage, whiskey concoction. here’s the recipe if you want it.

I’m definitely in the denial stage of election grief. In fact, I think I’m going to do something radical and not read any news from Thursday-Sunday. All the legislative offices will be closed, anyway, so I won’t be able to call anyone or try to change anything anyway. My brain could use the break. So, here’s one last roundup before Thanksgiving, and may we all enjoy a respite for the holiday.

White nationalism, he said, is the belief that national identity should be built around white ethnicity, and that white people should therefore maintain both a demographic majority and dominance of the nation’s culture and public life.

  • And here’s a good piece to read just in case someone is going to want to talk liberal vs. conservative economics with you over turkey. Robert Reich wants to know why the conservative argument that economic growth depends on low regulation, low taxes, and low wages doesn’t pan out when you look at the states. California, Washington, and Oregon have some of the highest taxes, highest regulations, and highest wages, and have booming economies. Kansas and Texas, where the GOP has been free to follow their economic philosophies, isn’t doing nearly as well. It’s almost as if facts are liberal, folks!

Ready for your happies? Here you go:

I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving. I leave you with a prayer the girls learned while studying the Ojibwe tribe in school: “Grandfather, look at our brokenness. We know that in all creation, only the human family has strayed from the Sacred Way. We know that we are the ones…who divided…and we are the ones…who must come back together…to walk in the Sacred Way. Grandfather, Sacred One, teach us love, compassion, honor, that we may heal the earth and heal each other.”

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  1. I have read and loved your blog for some time, but I’ve never commented. I admit that knowing of your support and work for Hillary Clinton, and your skepticism and fear of Donald Trump helped me through these last two horrific weeks. I agree with your feeling encouraged byLindsay Graham’s support for an investigation of Russian involvement in the election. I was starting to think that I could respect Senator Graham for this and for his non-support of Trump. But then, he turned around and spoke forcefully for (yet another) investigation of Hillary Clinton. What on earth has happened to this country?

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your amazing family!


  2. Right after the election I took a week off from reading anything online. I’d love to say it helped but upon returning to the internet world I was sucked back in right away. It was no less depressing after having a week off.


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