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Greetings from Denver, where we are enjoying our first snowfall. It was 24 degrees when we took the girls to school this morning, and I have now confirmed that my new snow boots are toasty and grippy. So that’s good.

Here’s the thing. Every single day, there is some new Trump horror. Usually more than one. How are we going to keep caring when it is just an avalanche of terrible? I think all the “give Trump a chance” folks can pretty well shut up because with every staffing choice he’s made, he’s confirmed that the racism, sexism, homophobia, and xenophobia were actually the plan, never mere rhetoric. Every appointment to the cabinet is a new reason to protest in the streets. I don’t want these link roundups to become numbing, but I think I want off this planet more this week than I did on election night. This is really going to be a horrifying four years.

Erasing the Obama presidency, when it comes to LGBT rights, could begin with scotching executive orders that protect federal employees and contractors. Then it could go further, with Trump starting a rulemaking process to reverse regulations that protect LGBT patients, renters, and the homeless. Not only erasing Obama’s guidance to protect students and workers, Trump could replace those policies with new directives that say transgender workers and students are explicitly not protected. He could reverse LGBT rights in the military — re-instating bans on transgender or gay service members.

  • I have had it up to here with the narratives that all the scared white folks voted for Trump because of “economic reasons” and not racism. This column is a brilliant takedown of those arguments.

The closing of a tire plant doesn’t automatically make you vote for a volatile, vindictive dollar-store demagogue who has had his eye on his own bottom line from the instant he launched his campaign and whose only truly consistent position throughout that campaign has been that he will in any number of shifting ways make minorities suffer.

  • Is this a safe space to admit that while I love Amy Poeheler, I don’t like Parks and Rec? I tried, y’all. However, this letter from “Leslie Knope” about what to do now might make me give it another try. Let’s fight like mofos.

I work hard and I form ideas and I meet and talk to other people who feel like me, and we sit down and drink hot chocolate (I have plenty) and we plan. We plan like mofos. We figure out how to fight back, and do good in this infuriating world that constantly wants to bend toward the bad. And we will be kind to each other, and supportive of each other’s ideas, and we will do literally anything but accept this as our fate.

Please please please, stop saying that you want unity. Unity was Hillary Clinton’s message, and you rejected it for the guy who called Mexicans rapists. What you’re asking for now isn’t unity, it’s submission, and you’re not going to get it.

And in nonpolitical breaks from reality:

I shall leave you with a small person clomping around in her mama's most badass biker boots. Stay stompy, friends.
I shall leave you with a small person clomping around in her mama’s most badass biker boots. Stay stompy, friends.
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