Bufflogal Style: Carter’s vs Boden Mini

One of the most common questions I get about having twins is, “Do you dress them alike?” And the answer is no. Because I promised my Papa, a twin, that I wouldn’t. So I don’t.

I do like them to coordinate, though, and I have to admit that the clothes are a big perk to little girls times two. People often ask me where I get Etta and Claire’s clothes, and the answer for 99% of it its Carter’s, with a smattering of Old Navy, Target, Baby Gap, and deals I find on Zulily. Still, most of it is Carter’s, because if you’re choosy, they’ve got some great stuff amid the “I’M CUTE” glitter teeshirts, and because they have insane sales and lots of coupons on top of that, so you can get a lot for a little.

This post is not sponsored a bit, but was born of the fact that this week, I got a Boden Mini and a Carter’s catalog on the same day, which turned out to be unfortunate for Boden. I flipped through their catalog first, drooling over adorable British children in cute outfits, wishing I could afford to dress my girls in their stuff. But then I flipped through the Carter’s catalog and discovered that they have some very similar looks for far cheaper, and they even included a 25% off coupon, on top of the fact that they’re currently having a sale. So I put together some comparison boards, thinking they might help some other girl moms looking for Back to School style inspiration. Perhaps my fashion blogging sister is rubbing off!

Winter coats, Carter's vs. Boden Mini, $43 vs $92

Cute raincoats. Carter's vs. Boden Mini, $25.50 vs $60.

Carter's vs. Boden Mini, $13 vs. $38

Carter's vs. Boden Mini, $22.60/outfit vs. $60/outfit

Carters vs. Boden Mini, $12/outfit vs. $58/outfit

Carter's vs. Boden Mini, $16.60/outfit vs. $62/outfit

Are you as surprised as I am that a brand as ubiquitous as Carter’s has stuff as cute as pricey, pretty Boden Mini? Where do you like to shop for your kids’ clothes?

5 Replies to “Bufflogal Style: Carter’s vs Boden Mini”

  1. Great job – totally in awe of you doing this! Nothing like a little compare and contrast list to help you see things, but to do it with pictures, makes it much more effective. And with twin babies!! I have a teenager (just one) and I wouldn’t even consider doing something like this, or know how to do it. In awe. Just fabulous.
    Great blog by the way!


  2. If you are not planning on having any other children(or like to pass down to cousins, etc) then Carters is great! And seriously we got 80% of the clothes from Carters but the stuff we do have from Mini Boden still look brand new after 3 girls wearing it over the course of 7 years(and these were usually the favorite pieces that got washed & worn 2x a week) while most of the Carters stuff ended up as rags or barely through #2. Of course there is no way of knowing youd even have another of the same sex to pass down… but you know sometimes you do get what you pay for.


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