we’re moving!

Our new house! Plans to change the exterior colors are already in the works.

Big news, gentle readers: we’re moving.

Only this time, for a change, it’s not a huge affair across state lines, as has been twice in the last 6 years, but just a couple miles from where I now sit. Of course, this time the move involves both two small humans and a cat who will surely hate us for a while, if that time he got suicidal when we took him on a weekend trip is any indication, so it’s still a pretty big deal.

The reason for this move is, after 3 years of renting and 3 years of further medical training for my husband, he has accepted an attending position in the hospital where he’s trained for the last 3 years. In other words, we’ve decided that Little Rock, AR is the place for us for the foreseeable future.

The house search has been long and arduous. There were difficulties in securing a loan thanks to screwups on the part of the bank who last gave us a loan for our house in Charleston. We got outbid/rejected on 3 houses we really really loved. I started feeling like my dreams of a perfect 1920s charmer within biking distance of my husband’s work with no carpet, a good-sized yard for the dogs, a nice kitchen, and a bedroom/bath on the ground floor for Claire were an impossibility. Actually, it turned out that they were: our new home is not the character-filled old home that Jon and I both usually prefer, but a 1960s ranch, smack in the middle of a street full of beautiful 1920s homes. So yeah, we are kinda getting the ugly house on the block. Except that it’s been fully renovated, has gorgeous dark hardwoods, and a really beautiful kitchen, even if it’s darker and more masculine than I would have chosen were I designing my dream kitchen from scratch (think lots of white and subway tiles and LIGHT). And we’re going from a 1200 sq ft 2 bed/2 bath to 4 beds/3 baths, with a huge carpeted den that I foresee will become our main hangout with the girlies the majority of the time. We’re not going to know what to do with ourselves with all that space! And if I ever get sad about the lack of crystal doorknobs or quirky built-ins, I will console myself by stepping into my WALK IN CLOSET, which is a real treat after 6 years in very old houses with very tiny closets.

Oh hey there, pretty kitchen. Busy backsplash aside, you’re pretty good lookin’!

We close on Monday, but won’t move in for a week or so while we have the house painted. Currently EVERY SINGLE WALL is a weird mustard-y beige, and that just can’t stand. This gives me time to oh…start packing?

I look forward to setting up our nest in our new home, and fully expect to be doing a lot more DIY/decor/home type blogging along the way. I’ve got all kinds of plans.

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  1. I’m slowly adjusting to living in a 60’s ranch after leaving behind my dream 1920’s Craftsman bungalow. Every time I feel sad, I walk through my big kitchen, look at all my empty closets (seriously, there are a DOZEN closets in our new house) and big fenced yard, and I feel a little better. Happy for you guys, the new place looks awesome!


  2. Don’t worry about the ranchiness of it all! We ended up buying a 1977 ranch and have been working hard to give it a healthy dose of personality. It will never be a 1920s charmer, and that’s okay. It’s home. Best of luck with the move!


  3. So you’re saying I shouldn’t take my cat 4 hours south to the beach for our one week family vacation???


  4. Congratulations on your new home. It’s funny how everything works out! Just some color changes and it will be perfect. Oh, and I always take my cat on vacation. Been doing it for 14 years. She hates the car ride but loves our vacation home in Lake Tahoe. After we get back though she is really mad and won’t speak to us for days.


  5. I had to laugh at the end of your post- our house (in TX) had all the walls painted a unique shade of dark mustardy-beige as well. It’s hideous and we painted them all. And our kitchen was re-done in a lovely, too-dark-for-my-taste style too.
    But so exciting! With little kids, it’s always better to have a house that you can CHOOSE to update, rather than one you MUST to make it liveable. Good luck with the move!


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